Logo design, brand identity, web design, and illustration

Illfred is a mysterious figure. One part rapper, poet, revolutionary and voice for change. Much like a superhero, he conceals his identity as he fights for justice, peace and understanding. The goal of this project was to develop a comprehensive brand image. This would involve a logo design, character design and a little world building.

Role: Graphic Design, Art Direction, Illustration and Consultation.

Technical: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Wordpress, Adobe Draw


Pictured are various graphic elements that provide a visual representation of the brand.
Final logo, two color
Final logo in black
Two color logo design with texture.
Rough drawing that the final logo was derived from.
“ill” symbol. To be used alone on clothing and other brand applications.
“ill” symbol in red circle. This usage is reminiscent of the bat symbol or the thunder cats symbol. Something that is used to call Illfred into action.
Website logotype
Illustration to promote the music single, Trumped Nation. The art pulls themes directly from the song.
promotional t-shirt
Final Character
Illfred in character
The real Illfred

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